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  • Eucalyptus Passion ( ), based in south-west France, supplies a wide range of eucalyptus species that are hardy in the UK by mail-order. Their website contains species descriptions and cultural notes.
  • The picture gallery of the Currency Creek Arboretum website contains a great range of illustrations of eucalyptus species that are unfamiliar in the UK.
  • The Hardy Eucalyptus Species Index of The Hardy Eucalyptus Page contains much useful information on hardiness and cultural requirements for a wide range of species, including some tender ones, and many photos. The Page itself is a comprehensive resource.
  • Milligan Seeds and Trees has a good photo gallery and much other information.
  • The most comprehensive publication on eucalyptus in horticulture is the 'Encyclopaedia of Australian Plants suitable for cultivation' Volume 4, by W. Roger Elliott and David L. Jones (Lothian Press 1986; second revised edition 1992).
  • Another valuable source of information is 'Australian Plants: A guide to their cultivation in Europe' by Thomas Ross and Jeffrey Irons (published privately, 1997)

Forestry Commission UK

Prima Bio Biomass publications

In forestry journals:

  • Scottish Forestry vol 70 nr 3 Winter 2016 - 'The Eucalyptus at Kinloch Hourn' John Purse
  • Quarterly Journal of Forestry Vol 110 nr 2 April 2016 - 'Eucalyptus Part 1 - Species with Forestry Potential in the British Isles' John Purse and Andrew Leslie
  • Quarterly Journal of Forestry Vol 110 nr 3 July 2016 - 'Eucalyptus Part 2 - Findings from trial plantings and silvicultural requirements in the UK' John Purse and Andrew Leslie

All these documents open as pdfs:

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