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Eucalyptus urnigera (Urn gum)

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Eucalyptus urnigera is related to E. gunnii, but it usually has much better form and is somewhat less palatable.
It is quite rare in the UK; many trees said to be E. urnigera planted in the UK in recent years appear to be atypical and are probably natural hybrids of E. urnigera with E. gunnii, produced from seed collected in Scotland. In Ireland, E. urnigera was one of the first eucalyptus species introduced, in the early 1900s, and there are many old trees of large dimensions and excellent form. There appears to be considerable variation in vigour and cold-hardiness between different seed provenances, though in general the species appears almost as hardy as E. gunnii. It deserves to be trialled in any location where E. glaucescens is also to be evaluated.

Eucalyptus urnigera in October 2011in a planting made by the Forestry Commission on a re-stock site in Thetford Forest. The trees were planted in June 2010, with irrigation to aid establishment in dry conditions. The trees were unaffected by the cold in winter 2010-2011 and were lightly browsed by deer then. They also survived the very dry conditions in spring 2011. Establishment was undoubtedly aided by good weed control pre-planting.