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Eucalyptus subcrenulata (Alpine yellow gum)

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Eucalyptus subcrenulata is rare in the British Isles, but it can grow well with good form.

Certain seedlots and plots in a trial planted in 1981 near Exeter, Devon show good growth, and evidently survived the cold winters in the 1980s that caused much death of other species at this location. Young trees at another location near Exeter were not damaged by the winter of 2010-2011, despite experiencing -16°C there. It is a preferred species for very cold inland sites in southern New Zealand. In its native habitat in Tasmania it occurs on a range of soils on mountains with a cool wet climate. There is likely to be much provenance variation within this species. It does not seem to grow vigorously in eastern England, probably because it requires good moisture availability year-round in order to thrive. It deserves to be trialled on cold sites in western Britain and in Ireland.