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This is a huge topic, much investigated elsewhere in the world. At this stage, detailed prescriptions for the British Isles are not possible.

It is generally recognized that eucalypts are very susceptible to weed competition before they achieve a closed canopy. Therefore, site preparation and early establishment practices should focus on weed control. The practicalities of this are potentially costly, and compromises between achieving good early growth and the costs of weed control will probably need to be accepted. There are a few examples where good early growth has been achieved without weed control, but these tend to be on forestry re-stock sites with a good natural mulch in high rainfall areas, notably in Ireland. Avoiding competition from grasses on former pasture sites is essential for good establishment, even in locations having good rainfall.

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Eucalypts in temperate areas with cold winters are invariably planted in spring.This allows maximum growth before the plants experience their first winter.