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Established eucalyptus stands are generally wind-firm unless rooting depth is restricted. Certain species are particularly wind-firm, and are used in shelterbelts on farms in the southern part of South Island, New Zealand because of this.

Eucalyptus cordata ssp quadrangulosa as screen

A shelterbelt of Eucalyptus cordata ssp. quadrangulosa screening farm buildings at the base of the hill, Curio Bay, Southland, New Zealand. The stand is less than Ikm from the Southern Ocean, and the exposure can be gauged from the windswept shrubs closer to the camera.

Eucalyptus cordata subspecies quadrangulosa is remarkable for being able to withstand coastal exposure also.

Young plantings of eucalyptus species that have a dense canopy of juvenile leaves, such as E. nitens, can be susceptible to wind-throw in exposed locations.