Advice on short rotation forestry for the British Isles

Information and Advice on Short Rotation Forestry planting in the UK and Ireland

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The following comments are designed to help individuals and organisations who are considering SRF planting for woodfuel production in Britain and Ireland. Those making use of this advice should note that there are still uncertainties about how SRF is best conducted in different locations, and that initial plantings should be viewed as trials.

Survival and yields of individual species in particular locations will be highly dependent on the location, the establishment conditions used, and on the weather.

The comments focus almost entirely on eucalyptus species, although the principles are applicable to the growth of other fast-growing tree species. Certain evergreen Nothofagus (Southern beech) species appear to have growth potential similar to that of many eucalypts and appear to have good cold-hardiness, and opportunities to trial these are also discussed.